60 Minutes To Clear Goals

Posted in   Team   on  November 16, 2021 by  David Loke0

Most people would agree that the people who have goals are more successful than those who do not have any.

I often talk about leadership and management. Leadership is about doing the right things, while management is about doing things right. When we study time management, we often study efficiency (doing things right) and assume that we have the effectiveness (leadership) solved.

The first step in any time management system should be to work on goals, and as such, I use the following 60 Minute Goal Setting Exercise.

1. At the top of a blank piece of paper, write down “values” and then spend 10 to 15 minutes writing down everything you value.

2. At the top of a blank piece of paper, write down “lifetime goals.” This is where you dream. For example, what places would you like to visit, what experiences would you like to have, what would you like to accomplish within your lifetime. This might include travelling to Australia, getting a university degree, living in an X square foot house, etc. There are no rules to this brainstorming – make a list.

3. At the top of a blank piece of paper, write down what you would do if you had six months to live. This part of the exercise really came home to me this week when one of my close friends died at 36 years old. Some of us may have only six months to live; however, we may not know it yet. List everything that you would do if you had only six months to live. Part of the purpose of this exercise that I found works well for me is to bring the truly important into focus. Often I find things that I would do if I had only six months to live that are not listed on my life goals.

4. At the top of a blank piece of paper, write down your goals for this year. After doing the first three steps, you will find this step much easier than the others. These are the goals to focus on NOW.

This total exercise will only take an hour. An hour spent clarifying your goals can save you hundreds of hours.

About the Author David Loke

David Loke is the co-founder and CEO of ReadySpace, a Cloud Service Provider in the APAC region. In 2003, he started ReadySpace with the vision to provide customers with reliable, secure, affordable and simple online apps. It then evolved into what we call Cloud today. Being through a decade of running ReadySpace, it has now grown into a regional business serving business owners and its managers across various industries to their success.
Right now, he is taking his wealth of experience to help over 700 business owners as mentor and coach with an ultimate goal to multiply wealth creation.

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