Beginner’s Guide to Network Marketing (MLM)

Posted in   Market, Team   on  March 28, 2022 by  David Loke0

Network Marketing, also called MLM (multi-level marketing), can be very profitable. Many companies operate in this way.

The main requirement for this business is to be good at selling. Most network marketing companies provide plenty of training materials and help.

When you join a network marketing company, there are two ways of earning money. First, by selling the company’s products to the customer, you would receive a percentage of the products you sell. Second, you can also recruit other sales agents while selling the products yourself. You would then receive a commission for every sale your agents make also.

Although this is a profitable way to earn money, don’t be fooled by claims that it is easy to make money with little effort. It can be possible to get into a position where you build an extensive network of sellers, who provide you with an income with their actions, but you have to put in the work, and it doesn’t happen overnight. If you are good at selling and are prepared to put in the work, this could be a perfect way to make money.

There is a wide range of products available to make money. Choose a company whose products you like and perhaps would buy yourself, as this will make it much easier to sell. Also, make sure there are not too many agents for the company in the area you would like to work. It would make it difficult to sell a reasonable amount.

Try to find a proactive, experienced, and helpful agent when deciding which company to join. They will be the ones providing you with the most training and advice. Some agents offer regular training sessions and online forums to help and encourage each other—request information from several people or companies before making a decision.

You don’t need any qualifications to join. You will be trained by the company you join to sell the product you choose.

Once you have chosen the company you wish to sell for, you will need to purchase their basic kit – this can be as little as a short training guide and some catalogs, to a package of products, stationery, catalogs, and training materials. You should not be required to buy the products yourself to sell on. It is common to pay for some samples of the products.

It is then up to you to make contacts to sell the products. You can sell through friends and their friends, work colleagues, special events, schools (check first), hold a party, or anywhere you can leave a catalog in their business or office. To work in network marketing, you will need energy, resilience, and a tough skin to cope with the many rejections!

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