Everything you need to know to build and scale a business online. Discovery the unlimited possibilities with strategies you need to know to scale a business online.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to the Course
Module 2 Business Online Blueprint
Unit 1 Concept of Business Elements
Unit 2 Magic Formulas
Unit 3 Advantages of Going Online
Unit 4 Monetisation Mindset
Unit 5 Online Selling Mindset
Module 3 Business Online Blueprint
Unit 1 Looking at Business Online Blueprint
Module 4 How to Generate Traffic
Unit 1 My Startup Story
Unit 2 Types of Traffic
Unit 3 Identify your Avatar
Unit 4 Places to Look for Traffic
Module 5 Dive into Social Media
Unit 1 Recap Business Online Blueprint
Unit 2 Groups of Entrepreneurs
Unit 3 Exploring Youtube
Unit 4 Exploring Facebook Algorithm