Everything you need to know to build and scale a business online. Discovery the unlimited possibilities with strategies you need to know to scale a business online.

Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Introduction to the Course  - Preview
Module 2Concepts of Business Elements
Unit 1Establishing foundation
Unit 2Magic Formulas
Unit 3Advantages of Going Online  - Preview
Unit 4Monetisation Mindset
Unit 5Online Selling Mindset
Module 3Business Online Blueprint
Unit 1Looking at Business Online Blueprint
Module 4How to Generate Traffic
Unit 1My Startup Story
Unit 2Types of Traffic
Unit 3Identify your Avatar
Unit 4Places to Look for Traffic
Module 5Dive into Social Media
Unit 1Recap Business Online Blueprint
Unit 2Groups of Entrepreneurs
Unit 3Exploring Youtube
Unit 4Exploring Facebook Algorithm
Module 6Building a Super Salesman
Unit 1From DT2R to Super Salesman
Unit 2Purpose of a Super Salesman
Unit 3How to Choose The Best Domain Name
Unit 4Create Interest and desire from your audience
Unit 5The Money is in the Follow up
Unit 6Gather Your Raving Fans
Unit 7Ahead of the Game-not In the Game
Unit 8Nailing in your Clients loyalty
Module 7Conclusion
Unit 1Continuous Training