Product first or Market first

Posted in   Podcast   on  December 4, 2021 by  David Loke0

I had conducted a few training sessions today and this question kept popping up from the audience.

So when we start our business, should we start by having a product first or start by identifying our market first?

Tune in to find out.

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About the Author David Loke

David Loke is the co-founder and CEO of ReadySpace, a Cloud Service Provider in the APAC region. In 2003, he started ReadySpace with the vision to provide customers with reliable, secure, affordable and simple online apps. It then evolved into what we call Cloud today. Being through a decade of running ReadySpace, it has now grown into a regional business serving business owners and its managers across various industries to their success.
Right now, he is taking his wealth of experience to help over 700 business owners as mentor and coach with an ultimate goal to multiply wealth creation.

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