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If you're a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO or a Professional, you are reading this because you have already strived to improve yourself and your business performance in one or a number of meaningful categories:

Marketing, Selling, Positioning, Branding, Leadership, Innovation, Hiring, Retention...

...You also realize you have obstacles (lack of funding, skills, human resources, etc.) that need to be overcome to continue to grow

The thing is you just don't realize that your problem is very likely the solution to someones else's BIGGER problem...

... AND you absolutely DO NOT have to invest one penny in order to solve both your problem and others' while profiting greatly in doing so.

Jay believes YOU want to be a great competitor, value creator, a great entrepreneur, a great leader, with real tangible value to yourself and others.

And when you do that, they make their resources, their assets, their audience, their distribution channels, their technology, their brand, all available to you for no fixed investment

The world truly IS your oyster...
once you fully grasp the
magnitude of possibilities
that Relational Capital
maximizing strategies make possible

If you decide to command a masterful (and meaningful) ethical business advantage through relational capital- it will, not just unlock immediate access to untapped resources...

It will position you, your business, and your partners with an Unlimited Business Checkbook

The best part? You don't have to do it yourself!

Jay will lead you because he has led thousands of other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals in the successful pursuit of mastering the art of using relationship capital.

Jie hopes that you are free to participate in this challenge at the expense of him (not yours)
Value: US$997
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A Collection of All-New, Fresh Thinking on Powerhouse Business Building Categories – Categories That NO ONE Else Has The Ability To Go Deep On

  • How to find “strategic investors” which benefits from your growth. Including complementary or related products, companies that benefit and naturally grow when you grow.
  • The Torque Converter will show you how much more is possible from the relationships you already have, demonstrating that your growth is beneficial for them too--getting them to help you grow.
  • 9 Major Benefits of a Strategic Alliance you can use to achieve advantages of scale, of scope, or of speed.
  • What it means to mine, monetize and maximize RELATIONAL CAPITAL
  • How Jay created $1.5 million in less than 6 months by finding arbitrage between products, services, and audiences
  • How you can make the “money connection” have the right “Relational Capital Sensors” turned on-and they only turn on when you broaden your understanding of what’s possible
  • And much much more...


WHat IS super salesman?

Jay Abraham has been strategic adviser to respected entrepreneurs, icons, influential people and famous companies like Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Icy Hot, Shark Tank's Daymond John, Bulletproof Coffee, Planet Fitness, Germany's top content management company, Ramit Sethi, the world's top expert in Six Sigma, 300+ best-selling business authors and thousands of leading-edge businesses.


Google “Jay Abraham” and see how many searches come up. By the way, none are in any way negative.

You will see Jay has worked with celebrities, fortune 500 CEO's, and thousands of small businesses just like yours.

So, if you are going to look for anyone to help you grow your business beyond your current perceived limitations, wouldn't you go to somebody who has done it for people and companies admired around the world, THAN someone who never did it for anyone meaningful ever before?

And wouldn’t you rather have somebody whose methodology is so well documented to impact entrepreneurs of every size, kind, and scope? And turned countless underdogs into leading-edge or leaders in their market and fields?

The choice is yours.


Well, then, consider this inescapable truth:

YOU are the one who has committed your star to the wagon called your business or your practice.

You’re the one expecting it to produce a lifetime of meaningful income, impact, and legacy.

You’re the one behind the steering wheel. The rest of your business life is a long one.

Should you live it in mediocrity and sub performance, or in greatness and reap the maximum rewards and results?

YOU get to decide, to say NO to limited marketing, not enough staff, NO to whatever it is YOU feel are lacking in your business….

YOU get to decide, to say NO to limitations and start leveraging your relationships to create your UNLIMITED BUSINESS CHECKBOOK...
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